This is not about punishing innocent people, like sanctions or embargo's do. This is about stopping actions that are dangerous or inhumane. If a protest effects innocent people who are not directly involved, then the protest needs to be modified and the innocent people effected must be given assistance and given alternatives so they don't become victims of a protest that is trying to stop criminal activity. We want everyone's voice to be heard so that we can make sure that people are fully aware of how a protest effects everyone. We don't want to boycott a country or a business just because of its leaders or because of a few bad people in upper management. We want to stop negative actions that hurt people or hurt the land, air or water, because those are clearly ignorant actions, actions that go against the the laws of nature, which means those actions are very unfavorable to life, just like cancer is. We want to stop people from being cancerous to life, show them better choices, and at the same time, not punish everyone else because of them, just like when war punishes innocent citizens. This ignorance must end.   

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"A protest is people coming together to bring attention to a problem, it does not solve a
problem, solving the problem would be the next step, or the first of many steps that we must take towards progress. Change behavior, Make a Law, Update an Existing an Law, Inform the Public, Update Education Curriculum."

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We will soon add the most relevant and the most important protests that are the most threatening to life and freedom. We will also list the results from previous protests so that you can see how protesting works and also show how it didn't work, this way people can pursue other methods of making improvements.


Neil Young - Who's Gonna Stand Up? (And Save The Earth) (youtube)