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Our hearts are with all the victims of every horrific tragedy perpetrated by criminals everyday. Our hearts are also with the family and friends of all the victims, and to all of the survivors. Horrific tragedies are horrible reminders of the serious problems that have been plaguing our world for way to long. We have a lot of work to do. We have the abilities to solve all our problems, but we must work together, and we must educate each other. We must never forget the responsibilities that we owe to our lives, and to this world. We must never forget the responsibilities that we owe to our loved ones that we have lost. We must never forget the responsibilities that we owe to each other. We must never forget the responsibilities that we owe to the future generations who are counting on us to preserve the good in life and to rid this world of pain and suffering, and to rid this world of all causes of crimes, and all types of crimes against humanity, especially murder. But we can't kill our way out of these problems, we have to learn our way out.  

Extremism (PDF)   History of Suppression   Insurgency    Islamophobia Guidebook

Teaching about Violent Extremism and Religion

Thou Shall Not Kill, Thou Shall Love.

Let us not be distracted by anyone type of tragedy, or point the finger at anyone cause. We must remember that thousands are dying everyday, and 100's of millions are suffering everyday. The responsibility of every human is to stop all senseless deaths, and to stop all senseless suffering. 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes. 20,000 people die every day from cancer. Dirty water kills 9,000 people every day, 5,000 of them children. Thousands die everyday from heart disease, over a thousand people are murdered each day around the world and so on and so on. We have a lot of work to do. If you cannot spend at least one minute a day to help solve some of the worlds problems, then all the other 10,079 Minutes in your day will be for nothing. 

What we need to avoid is all forms of McCarthyism. Americans were manipulated in giving up human rights with the Patriot Act. Americans were also manipulated into spending billions on wars and security that would have been better spent on improving education.

Channel Duty Guidance and Prevent Duty Guidance are too close to McCarthyism.

H. R. 3654 Text of the Combat Terrorist Use of Social Media Act of 2015. The idiots in Government keep on trying to attack the internet. Using terrorism as an excuse, like they did for wars. 

The only true and effective Terrorism Insurance is improving education and making it available and accessible to everyone on the planet.  Insurance Flaws

We also have to be extremely careful about "See Something, Say Something", because you
can easily make people turn on innocent people, Like a Narc. An Informant is not the same
as a Whistle Blower. We want people to be aware, but not paranoid. And we certainly don't want to encourage people to make a Citizen's Arrest, because that too can also cause more harm then good.   Entrapment

Priorities: We need to be extremely careful when managing our time and resources, it's extremely important. We don't want to add to the damage that's already been done. Today we have the abilities and the technologies to accurately calculate the causes and effects of almost every action that we take. But we are not fully utilizing our abilities or our technologies, We need to do so very soon.

"The more time you spend looking over your shoulder, the less time you will have looking ahead and seeing where you're going."



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